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Join us in experiencing the finest hand-harvested sea salt (fleur de sel) infused with herbs that will elevate any dish, while also allowing you to manage your sodium intake.

Explore our expanding Skin Care Collection too and  become an authorized retailer of Granny Recommends products. Together, we can advocate for and offer healthy and nourishing products that make a positive impact.


Granny Recommends  F A I R E

Are you a retailer or market owner looking to offer high-quality natural skincare products to your customers? Look no further than Granny Recommends! We are pleased to offer wholesale pricing to select retailers, providing you with an opportunity to stock our popular products and meet the growing demand for natural remedies.

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  • Free returns on first orders
  • 60-day payment terms for eligible retailers
  • 50% off (max discount of $150) the retailer’s first order 
  • 1 year of free shipping for retailers who are new to Faire
*Payment processing fees will apply.


*Available for retailers who are new to Faire

 18 pc Lip Balm case