Chamomile Health Benefits


You can find two common chamomile varieties: German chamomile is a native herb in Europe. People worldwide use it as medicinal. It promotes relaxation and helps reduce swelling.

It has been used for centuries and is still used today. It is believed to help symptoms of the common cold, indigestion, anxiety, and excessive crying in infants due to colic. However, there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses. 


 Roman Chamomile is a different plant, although both are native to certain parts of Europe.

Health Benefits

Mouth discomfort.

"Chamomile's healing properties have a soothing effect on the lining of your mouth. Mouthwashes made of chamomile tincture and caraway, clove oil, Echinacea, menthol, peppermint, and sage have successfully treated gingivitis (gum disease) canker sores


To get this chamomile benefit, drop 0.5 milliliters of a mixture of the above ingredients into a glass of water and swish it slowly in your mouth before spitting it out. This remedy works best if you repeat the process three times per day.

Promoting Gastrointestinal Health 

Chamomile helps with some gastrointestinal problems, such as:

One of the ways chamomile helps these issues is by relieving inflamed or irritated mucous membranes that line your digestive tract. 


Contributing to Wound Healing

Chamomile can be applied to wounds that are slow to heal, including skin eruptions and infections such as shingles and boils.

Helping You Get and Stay Asleep

Chamomile tea and essential oil aromatherapy are widely used to treat sleep disorders like insomnia. Due to its soothing effects, chamomile acts as a mild tranquilizer.

Pregnant or Breastfeeding

There is not enough information about chamomile to determine whether it is safe during pregnancy or during breastfeeding. 


Taking Certain Medications

Chamomile can interact with cyclosporine (a medicine used to prevent the rejection of organ transplants) as well as warfarin (a blood thinner). If you are using either of these drugs, you should consult your doctor before trying chamomile products. "




Viewed March 6th, 2023.

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