Keeping home can be a challenge

My approach today is not toward the people who are struggling to keep their homes clean but to those who judge them.
I enjoy listening to "How to be a Better Human Ted Audios." And I recently heard "How to keep house while Drowning." by KC Davis.
I recommend listening to it and reading her book even more.
In her story, it was brought to my attention that the degree of lack of motivation towards cleaning your space could exist. I've often gone to houses that shock my eyes out of my sockets and not to mention the smell. From listening to KC Davis's audio, I empathize more with them.
Many times house cleaning falls under the women's task, but things have changed, and this is not and should not be the norm. It is a family duty to be able to keep a home in a healthy, clean environment. I encourage people with little children and teenagers to make them part of the house cleaning routine, whatever method or degree of cleaning you choose. We often feel obligated to make the children pick up after themselves, which is what we want, but how we teach them is the key to success. The entire household should be part of the cleaning routine. Every day either at dinner or before bed, find bonding time. Find a time to talk, share stories and laugh. This time is not a time to lecture. We have misunderstood the meaning of parenting and the way we communicate with our children. Making everyone part of our daily life brings happiness, and a clean house is an excellent way to start with. It's the foundation of a clean adult!
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